Jim's Original Compositions

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Year Title Comments
18 December, 2005 Dance With Me Waltz My first song was composed while traveling in our car on Interstate 64 to visit our son in Virginia for Christmas. It is a cute story but it is not how Kathie and I met.
6 March, 2006 Dreamin' My Life Away This song was written for Dick Waibel at Rawhide Records. He had always wanted a square dance song written to this title.
11 June, 2006 Be Bop Blues Written in the beginning of summer after the spring hay fever season, I used hay fever as the theme for this song which was to be used as a round dance for Rawhide Records.
16 June, 2006 Island Of Fun I wrote this based on a Caribbean theme. It was intended to be a round dance for Rawhide Records.
21 June, 2006 Sweet Sweet Love I based the song around the hook, "sweet, sweet love". It was intended to be a dance for Rawhide Records.
22 May, 2007 Not So Long Ago This song is based on a nostaligia theme. It was intended to be a dance for Rawhide Records.
13 January, 2018 Why Did You Choose Me I wrote this song after the holiday season for Kathie.
10 February, 2018 It All Began With I Do I wrote this for Kathie's Valentine's Day.
15 February, 2018 Have Your Mitt I wrote this for our friends David & Rosie on Valentine's Day. They were both ball players and he is an avid collector of baseball cards.
5 May, 2020 My Love My Wife This was Kathie's Mother's Day gift.
28 May, 2020 Dance With Me Tonight I wrote this during the pandemic because I was missing all of our dancing nights but I was also reflecting on how I have enjoyed all the time Kathie and I were together.
28 May, 2020 Square Dance Comes To Town This song was a birthday present for my caller friend, Bob. The lyrics were written to make it possible to blend this tune right into square dance singing call format.
5 June, 2020 Honeysuckle Photograph John & Wendy, our friends in Wenatchee, Washington, posted a picture of a nest of baby robins in their honeysuckle vine. Rod & Tai, another great set of Washington State friends, suggested I write a song about the picture.
21 July, 2020 Because Of You This song was just me thinking how much I appreciate Kathie and all the time together throughout the pandemic.
8 August, 2020 Rockin' In The Camper Tonight I wrote this because we were going camping with our friends, Dennis & Susan. This was the first time we have been able to go camping in 2020.

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