Jim's Recorded Arrangements
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Jim's Recordings on Rawhide Records
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Preview Preview Number Type Title Artist Date
Music Vocal MM-337 SC My Heart Will Go On Ingo Schumacher September 2020
Music Vocal MM-336 SC His Amazing Grace Doug Davis September 2020
Music Vocal MM-335 SC I Knew The Bride Jim Kline June 2020
Music Vocal MM-334 SC Carry Me Back To Old Virginny Jim Kline May 2020
Music Vocal MM-333 SC Do Ya Ingo Schumacher May 2020
Music Vocal MM-332 SC Yesterday Doug Davis April 2020
Music Vocal MM-331 SC Strike Up The Band Jim Kline April 2020
Music Vocal MM-330 SC Angel Flight Herb Franklin March 2020
Music Vocal MM-329 SC Stand By Me Doug Davis March 2020
Track 1 Track 2 MM-328 HD In Search Of Your Wispers/Wasted Moments February 2020
Music Vocal MM-327 SC Where The Stars And Stripes Fly Doug Davis February 2020
Music Vocal MM-326 SC Are You Tired Of Me My Darling Jim Kline February 2020
Music Vocal MM-325 SC Sing Me Back Home Doug Davis January 2020
Music Vocal MM-323 SC Carolina Christmas Michael Fetting November 2019
Music Vocal MM-322 SC He's Got The Whole World In His Hands Ingo Schumacher October 2019
Music Vocal MM-321 SC For All The Wrong Reasons Ingo Schumacher September 2019
Music Vocal MM-320 SC Walk Like A Man Jim Kline September 2019
Music Vocal MM-319 SC We're Not Gonna Take It Matt Worley (Courtesy of Crown Records) August 2019
Music Vocal MM-318 SC Silver And Gold Bob Price June 2019
Music Vocal MM-317 SC Lord Have Mercy On The Working Man Jim Kline May 2019
Music Vocal MM-316 SC Country Star Jim Kline April 2019
Music Vocal MM-315 SC The Teddy Bear Song Herb Franklin March 2019
Music Vocal MM-314 SC The Thunder Rolls Kenard Swift February 2019
Music Vocal MM-313 SC Heaven Says Hello Doug Davis February 2019
Music Vocal MM-312 SC I'm Living In Canaan Now Jim Duncan February 2019
Music Vocal MM-311 SC Jo Jo Burger Monk Moore January 2019
Music Vocal MM-310 SC Fool's Hill Doug Davis December 2018
Music Vocal MM-309 SC Christmas Time In Texas Monk Moore November 2018
Music Vocal MM-308 SC I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day Jim Kline October 2018
Music Vocal MM-307 SC You Might Think I'm Crazy Jim Kline October 2018
Music Vocal MM-306 SC Rubber Ball Kenard Swift October 2018
Music Vocal MM-305 SC I Heard The Bluebirds Sing Jim Kline September 2018
Music Vocal MM-304 SC Cow Patti Patty Green August 2018
Music Vocal MM-303 SC Love's Gonna Make It Right Jim Kline July 2018
Music Vocal MM-302 SC Better Than I Did Then Jim Kline June 2018
Music Vocal MM-301 SC Venus Ingo Schumacher May 2018
Music Vocal MM-306 SC Seeing Nelly Home Jim Kline May 2018
Music Vocal MM-299 SC Wyoming Girl Jim Kline April 2018
Music Vocal MM-298 SC Take Me In Your Lifeboat Doug Davis April 2018
Music SAL Vocal MM-296 Sing-A-Long Why Did You Chose Me Jim Kline March 2018
Music Cued III MM-296 Rumba III Why Did You Chose Me Rumba Jim Kline March 2018
Music Vocal MM-296 SC Why Did You Chose Me Jim Kline March 2018
Track 1 Track 2 MM-295 HD New Day Polka/Kleine Schlager February 2018
Music Vocal MM-293 SC ('Til) I Kissed You Ingo Schumacher February 2018
Music Vocal MM-292 SC Shambala Jim Kline January 2018
Music Vocal MM-291 SC The Price I Pay Jim Kline January 2018
Music Vocal MM-290 SC For All The Wrong Reasons Jim Kline December 2017
Music Vocal MM-289 SC On The Jericho Road Michael Fetting December 2017
Track 1 Track 2 MM-288 HD I Dream Of You/Those Moments November 2017
Music Vocal MM-287 SC Light Of The Stable Jim Kline October 2017
Music Vocal MM-286 SC One Step Forward Jim Kline September 2017
Music Vocal MM-285 SC Billy Boy Jim Kline September 2017
Music Vocal MM-284 SC Methodist Pie Jim Kline August 2017
Music Vocal MM-283 SC After Midnight Jim Kline August 2017
Music Vocal MM-282 SC Soldier Of Love Jim Kline July 2017
Music Vocal MM-281 SC Standing On the Promises Jim Kline June 2017
Music Vocal MM-280 SC Coat Of Many Colors Deborah Carroll-Jones April 2017
Music Vocal MM-279 SC I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) Jim Kline June 2017
Music Vocal MM-278 SC My Dixie Darling Jim Kline May 2017
Music Vocal MM-277 SC Hallelujah In My Heart Jim Kline April 2017
Music Vocal MM-273 SC Say You'll Be Mine Jim Kline March 2017
Music Vocal MM-272 SC New Cut Road Doug Davis February 2017
Music Vocal MM-271 SC The Best Day Jim Kline February 2017
Music Vocal MM-270 SC Twenty Six Miles (Santa Catalina) Jim Kline January 2017
Music Vocal MM-269 SC I'm Alive Jim Kline December 2016
Music Vocal MM-267 SC What Are You Doing New Year's Eve Jim Kline November 2016
Music Vocal MM-265 SC Let's Think About Living Jim Kline July 2016
Music Vocal MM-264 SC Country As A Boy Can Be Monk Moore July 2016
Music Vocal MM-263 SC Let Your Heart Rule Your Head Jim Kline July 2016
Music Vocal MM-262 SC I Ain't Never Bob Price June 2016
Music Vocal MM-261 SAL Childhood Memories Monk Moore June 2016
Music Vocal MM-261 SC Childhood Memories Monk Moore June 2016
Music Vocal MM-260 SC Do You Know You Are My Sunshine Jim Kline June 2016
Music Vocal CK-227 SC My Next Broken Heart Doug Davis March 2016
Music Vocal MM-258 SC A Working Man Jim Kline March 2016
Music Vocal MM-257 SC Child Of The Fifties Jim Kline March 2016
Music Vocal MM-256 SC Does Your Mother Know Jim Kline February 2016
Music Vocal MM-255 SC Skye Boat Song Jim Kline January 2016
Music Vocal MM-253 SC Goober Peas Jim Kline October 2015
Music Vocal MM-252 SC Are You Teasing Me Jim Kline October 2015
Track 1 MM-249 HD Let It Go August 2015
Music Vocal MM-249 SC Let It Go Lottie Ainsworth August 2015
Music Vocal MM-248 SC Twelfth of Never Doug Davis August 2015
Music Vocal MM-247 SC Black Coffee Monk Moore August 2015
Music Vocal MM-245 SC Living and Living Well Jim Kline July 2015
Music Vocal MM-244 SC Meet In The Middle Jim Kline June 2015
Music Vocal MM-242 SC Born To Lose Doug Davis May 2015
Music Vocal MM-241 SC My Way Tom Wallace April 2015
Music Vocal MM-240 SC If You Came Back from Heaven Tom Wallace March 2015
Music Vocal MM-239 SC There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere Doug Jernigan March 2015
Music Vocal MM-238 SC I Gotta Get To You Monk Moore February 2015
Music Vocal MM-237 SC My Life Jim Kline February 2015
Music Vocal MM-236 SC Are You Washed in the Blood Doug Davis January 2015
Music Vocal MM-235 SC Uncloudy Day Doug Davis December 2014
Music Vocal MM-234 SC Dreaming My Life Away Jim Kline December 2014
Music Cued MM-233 Waltz Ph II Dance With Me Waltz Jim Kline November 2014
Music Cued MM-233 Waltz Ph IV Dance With Me Waltz Jim Kline November 2014
Music Vocal MM-231 SC I'll Go To My Grave Jim Kline September 2014
Music Vocal MM-230 SC Fun, Fun, Fun Jim Kline September 2014
Music Vocal MM-229 SC Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About Jim Kline June 2014
Music Vocal MM-228 SC Even Cowboys Like a Little Bit of Rock and Roll Doug Davis April 2014
Track 1 Track 2 MM-227 HD Appalachian Hoedown/Dew Gum Hoedown March 2014
Music Vocal MM-226 SC Wagon Wheel Matt Worley March 2014
Music Vocal MM-225 SC Red, White and Bluegrass Doug Davis January 2014
Music Vocal MM-224 SC Winter Wonderland Doug Davis December 2013
Music Vocal MM-223 SC Pretty Paper Lottie Ainsworth November 2013
Music Vocal MM-222 SC Song Of The South Jim Kline October 2013
Music Vocal MM-221 SC Silhouettes Bear Miller July 2013
Track 1 Track 2 MM-220 HD Wheels Hoedown/Wake Up Hoedown Jim Kline June 2013
Music Vocal MM-219 SC Thank God I'm A Country Boy Jim Kline June 2013
Music Vocal MM-218 SC Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile Monk Moore July 2013
Music Vocal MM-217 SC It's The Way You Make Me Feel Jim Kline May 2013
Music Vocal MM-216 SC I Fought The Law Doug Davis May 2013
Music Vocal MM-215 SC Rhythm Of The Night Jim Kline February 2013
Music MM-214 HD Watch The Baby Elephants Go By Hoedown February 2013
Music Vocal MM-214 SC Watch The Baby Elephants Go By Doug Davis February 2013
Music Vocal MM-213 SC She's Got What Get To Me Jim Kline January 2013
Music Vocal MM-212 SC Sixteen Tons Doug Davis January 2013
Music Vocal MM-211 SC You Gave Me Time Jim Kline December 2012
Music Vocal MM-210 SC When Will I Be Loved Doug Davis December 2012
Track 1 Track 2 MM-209 HD Coral Sands/Layin' Back Hoedown November 2012
Music Vocal MM-208 SC Blue Christmas Jim Kline November 2012
Music Vocal MM-207 SC Brandy Doug Davis October 2012
Music Vocal MM-206 SC Little Cowboy's Lullaby Jim Kline September 2012
Music Vocal MM-205 SC Let Me Entertain You Sharon Baldwin August 2012
Music Vocal MM-204 SC Water Jim Kline November 2012
Music Vocal MM-203 SC Feeling Fine Jim Kline May 2012
Track 1 Track 2 MM-202 HD Good Day/Jurassic Park Hoedown April 2012
Music Vocal MM-201 SC Life With You Jim Kline April 2012
Music Vocal MM-200 SC Life In A Northern Town Jim Kline March 2012
Music Cued MM-199 Foxtrot PH IV One Small Star Jim Kline March 2012
Music Vocal MM-198 SC Dooley Bo Bierley May 2012
Music Vocal MM-197 SC All The Gold Ingo Schumacher March 2012
Music Vocal CK-214 SC Bluebirds are Singing for Me Doug Davis February 2012
Music Vocal MM-196 SC Everybody's Reacing Out For Someone Monk Moore February 2012
Music Vocal MM-195 SC A Place In The Choir Jim Kline February 2012
Music Vocal MM-194 SC When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter Monk Moore November 2011
Music Vocal MM-193 SC All I Ask Of You Darin Keith November 2011
Music Vocal MM-192 SC Chicken Fried Bear Miller November 2011
Music Vocal MM-191 SC Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Steve Sullivan October 2011
Music Vocal MM-190 SC Merry Christmas Strait To You Monk Moore October 2011
Music Vocal MM-189 SC I Do (Cherish You) Darin Keith October 2011
Music Vocal MM-188 SC In The Cool, Cool Of The Evening Patty Greene September 2011
Music Cued MM-187 Waltz PH II Ashokan Farewell Waltz Jim Kline October 2011
Track 1 Track 2 MM-186 SC Bonner Hoedown/Hopper Hoedown September 2011
Music Vocal MM-185 SC Grange Hall Dance Jim Kline September 2011
Music Vocal MM-184 SC Still Rock And Roll To Me Ingo Schumacher August 2011
Music Vocal MM-183 SC Knee Deep Jim Kline August 2011
Music Vocal MM-182 SC Leaning On The Everlasting Arms Lynn Strobel July 2011
Music Vocal MM-180 SC Ticks Jim Kline July 2011
Music Vocal MM-179 SC I Believe In America Jim Kline June 2011
Track 1 Track 2 MM-178 HD Reel Hoedown/Pokes Hoedown May 2011
Music Vocal MM-177 SC Surfin' U.S.A. Jim Kline May 2011
Music Vocal MM-175 SC Sincerely Doug Davis April 2011
Music Vocal MM-174 SC Time Passes Me By Jim Kline April 2011
Music Vocal MM-173 SC Every Breath You Take Monk Moore March 2011
Track 1 Track 2 MM-171 HD Road Tech/Tropical Temptation Hoedown February 2011
Music Vocal MM-170 SC Bless The Broken Road Jim Kline February 2011
Track 1 Track 2 MM-169 HD Diggin'/Something For Kathie Hoedown Januart 2011
Music Vocal MM-168 SC County Fair Jim Kline January 2011
Track 1 Track 2 MM-167 HD Cookin'/River Rock Hoedown November 2010
Music Vocal MM-166 SC Two Step 'Round The Christmas Tree Jim Kline November 2010
Music Vocal MM-165 SC All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan Monk Moore November 2010
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