Square Dance Quilt
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During our last year in Wyoming, members of the Hoedowners Square Dance Club, Riverton, Wyoming, sent out blank quilt squares to dancers in our area. After they were returned, the group designed and assembled the quilt. It was presented to us during our last Spring Fever Dance in April, 2012. It hangs on the wall above our stairway.
Square Dance Quilt
Another View

The center block

Jim & Kathie and their four clubs

Jim & Kathie and their four special dances

Paul & Liz Christensen, Riverton, WY

Jeans & Queens Square Dance Club, Sheridan, WY

Lynn & Judy Strobel, Miles City, MT

Carleton & Jackie Perry, Sheridan, WY

Larry & Susan Sperry, Billings, MT

Dan Ely & Sandy Johnson, Green River, WY

Adam, Kevelyn, Mrianna, Ashley & Kanden Skorcz, Eden, WY

Stan & Connie Grunewald, Rawlins, WY

Renny Daly & Jain Himot, Steamboat Springs, CO (Squam Lake, NH)

Misty, Jasmin, & Taylor Pereda, Lander, WY

Mike & Diana Mahoney, Riverton, WY

Bud & Mary Lou Graham, Hayden, CO

Charlie & Gladys Kamberger, Buffalo, WY

Riverton Hoedowners Square Dance Club, Riverton, WY

Promenaders Square Dance Club, Rawlins, WY

Tom & Carla McCoy, Riverton, WY

Fritz & Marva Pedersen, Riverton, WY

Spade & Lynda Krehmeyer, Sinclair, WY

Spring Fever, Riverton, WY

St. Pat's Festival, Rawlins, WY

Butch & Margie Metcalf, Lander, WY

Jim & Lorri Sauer, Lander, WY

Anniversary Dance, Rock Springs, WY

Cowtown Hoedown, Sheridan, WY

Frank & Darlene Rossi, Lander, WY

Dennis & Heather Christensen, Riverton, WY

Matt Concilio, Riverton, WY

Sashay Pardners Square Dance Club, Rock Springs, WY

Greenridge Mountaineers Square Dance Club, Hayden, CO

John & Mardell Pieper, Rock Springs, WY

Ernie & Sandy Phinney, Riverton, WY

Robert Epp, Rawlins, WY

Rick Milonas & Jayn Wilder, Rock Springs, WY

Shirley Cassell, Riverton, WY

Erv & Arloa Gerber, Craig, CO

Jason & Jessica Taliaferro, Hartville, WY

Gayle Shaw, Leora Shaw, Larry Moore, & Jim Kempert, Rawlins, WY

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